Jacobs Vehicle Systems Plant Tour

Jacobs Vehicle Systems celebrated their 2nd Annual MFGDAY with over 80 students, educators, and business leaders participating from around Connecticut. The majority of the students were seniors in high school, but the group also included some juniors and seniors in college. The plant tour consisted of two events on October 13th with an open house, an introduction to Jacobs, a tour of the manufacturing facility and engine lab, followed by a career fair. During the tour and career fair, students had a chance to ask questions to find out more about the various job opportunities at Jacobs.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems plant tour

The students expressed great interest in the opportunity to work in a hands-on environment as a team member.  Jacobs Vehicle Systems received 40 resumes within two weeks, with more rolling in! 

Jacobs Vehicle Systems plant tour mfgday

Some of the questions the students asked centered around the culture at Jacobs and what true Lean manufacturing is like. The plant tour showed students what is involved in the process of designing, creating and testing Jake Brakes!

View more photos of the Jacobs Vehicle Systems plant tour here.

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