Noujaim Tool Company Plant Tour

For the APICS-Hartford membership and beyond who were unable to make it to Noujaim Tool Co., you missed a great presentation from Selim Noujaim and his staff. Noujaim Tool Co., now in a 14,000 sqft facility is the product of decades of hard work cultivated from the humble beginnings of a small operation based in a relatives garage. Dating back to their incorporation in 1985, Noujaim Tool Co. has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology to service the needs of their customers. The facility includes CNC milling, CNC Lathe, CNC OD/ID Grinders, WIRE EDM, Conventional EDM, Jig Grinding, Honing, Brazing and Heat treating capabilities.

noujaim tool plant tour apics hartford ct

The tour featured an incredible look at a facility alive with activity as the shop was still in action while the group walked through. From the precision measurement where the manufacturing process begins and ends, through the CNC milling and wire edm machines, APICS was able to witness how much of this facility operates each day. The knowledgeable staff at Noujaim Tool Co. walked each tour through every stage of the manufacturing process and explained in depth what the machines could make, as well as how they worked.

Selim Noujaim, Executive Vice President at Noujaim, is no stranger to legislative activities supporting manufacturing, as he is the only manufacturer who is elected to the Connecticut General Assembly (and prior APICS president). Mr. Noujaim has contributed enormously to manufacturers in Connecticut through his presence at the state capitol and in the Waterbury area. As a state representative, Mr. Noujaim is advocating for making Connecticut more business friendly to foster economic growth and create secure, well-paid jobs for those employed in the state. It was through the utilization of CONNSTEP and the DECD that Mr. Noujaim was able to grow his lean manufacturing operation over the past few decades.

noujaim tool presentation at apics hartford plant tour

In addition to state funded programs, during a presentation after the tour, Mr. Noujaim emphasized the importance of investing in the workforce and the local economy. As Noujaim Tool Co. has progressed over the years, the operation was able to take advantage of a number of tax credits when purchasing the buildings where the company now operates. The building where Noujaim Tool Co.’s manufacturing takes place saw a complete renovation and was recently expanded by 3,000 sq. ft., where much of the wire edm equipment is now housed. Mr. Noujaim noted how important these credits were for Noujaim Tool Co. in the beginning and can be for small operations working to get started in the early stages where revenues are just beginning to grow. Another great point Mr. Noujaim made was that state funding is available for apprenticeship programs. While Connecticut does have a great pool of advanced manufacturing knowledge, that workforce is aging and retiring. The knowledge held by those currently in the workforce can be passed along, utilizing the state-backed apprenticeship program to build the future generation that will operate these facilities. This only touches on a small bit of the information Mr. Noujaim possesses; he truly has a wealth of knowledge for growing a company in Connecticut.

If you missed this plant tour and would like to learn more from Selim Noujaim about Noujaim Tool Co. or how to utilize state funding initiatives please contact any of the APICS-Hartford chapter board members for more information. We’d be happy to connect you with Selim or others at his facility. If you’d like to see inside the facility, please look at the photo gallery from last night’s event here.

Looking to next week, we hope to see you at TIGHITCO, Inc. on October 18th, 2016 for a tour of one of the premier facilities supporting military fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

TGIHitco plant tour offered by APICS Hartford

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