Did You Miss the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Tour?

On Tuesday October 4th, Frank Gulluni and his team at Asnuntuck Community College provided those in attendance with an inside look at one of the premier learning facilities for advanced manufacturing in the state of Connecticut.  The tour was an educational glance at the facilities providing students with opportunities for certificate, associate, and baccalaureate degrees and competencies.

asnuntuck advanced manufacturing technology tour

The facility provides an incredible resource for the future of the manufacturing workforce in Connecticut and New England. Students in the programs at Asnuntuck Community College gain unparalleled knowledge in the areas of optics & measurement; aerospace & defense; medical devices & biotechnology; precision machining; semiconductors & complex electronics; and alternative energy systems. The tour brought the group through the facilities welding, additive manufacturing, lathe & milling operations, and more.

Asnuntuck Community College has worked with many companies to connect for internships and jobs including placing over 1,000 graduates of their programs into the manufacturing workforce. The current hiring needs for manufacturers in Connecticut is hovering around 1,500 – 2,000 individuals and will increase with the expansion of some of the larger manufacturers in the area in the near future.

In the coming year, Asnuntuck Community College will see some major changes that are currently underway. The building will be expanded by 27,000 feet by the spring of 2017 featuring $10.4 million in new equipment. Additionally the program is working towards an ISO certification for the facility by the end of 2017. Through the program, educators are working to engage Asnuntuck students with the younger generation of our workforce by putting students from Asnuntuck into the classroom of 4th graders and above. One of the great points Frank Gulluni made was that the cost of higher education can be high and is increasing and Asnuntuck Community College offers a lower cost option that can lead to high paying careers and benefits. The future certainly is bright for manufacturing in Connecticut.

If you happened to miss the tour of the facility and want to learn more, please contact any of the APICS-Hartford chapter board members for more information. We’d be happy to connect you with the directors at Asnuntuck or answer any questions you might have about the APICS-Hartford organization. Please also check out the photo gallery for this event.


noujaim tool company tour

We hope to catch you at the next plant tour on October 11th, 2016 at Noujaim Tool Company, Inc. in Waterbury to learn about state funding initiatives and lean practices. Register now!

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