APICS Hartford Train the Trainer Highly Recommended

By Peter Murray, 
Managing Director Solutions Design and Business Development, Open Black Box (OBB) Solutions

Last week I attended a great two day session in the Hartford CT area; with a great ROI for an individual or an organization supporting its employees.  It's a requirement for something I have been working towards and I reacted as many of us do - "training" "I don't really need it, but if I have to I will go."   The title of the session fit the purpose and outcome by the organization that puts it on; but its a pretty poor representation of the experience and personal value.

APICS Hartford Train the Trainer Workshop

What can we all improve, but is often glaringly apparent when leaders need improvement?

  • Developing key messages and staying on message across multiple formats: verbal; presentation slides; and web sessions.
  • Delivering the core elements of "education" and "training" to staff and teams both effectively and efficiently.
  • Communicating with confidence to peers, outside groups such as customer, suppliers even boards.
  • Taking in useful and honest feedback.

APICS Hartford Connecticut Train the Trainer Teaching Workshop

The program has the specific but misleading name of Train The Trainer; for me it's a requirement for becoming a SCOR Instructor for APICS. It definitely fit the purpose. It's also not specific to APICS content and attendees can come from any discipline or organization.  All of the attendees with some input from the two outstanding instructors realized the real value are the skills above. The course has been utilized in APICS for over 30 years and the content is very robust and tested - most importantly its current. The delivery by two of my long term friends Maryanne Ross and Joni Holeman, who I first hired to instruct as contractors for our competency initiative 14 years ago.  Back then I searched for the "best APICS instructors" and found them; they did an excellent job for many years. They are even more capable today.  

Joni Holeman teaches at APICS Hartford Train the Trainer Course

The class for APICS is about building the skills to be capable trainers with the APICS and now APICS SCC bodies of knowledge. To do this they focus on the skills to:

  • Develop learning objectives and lesson plans (think of this as communication objectives and plans).
  • Develop 5 and 10 minute "training" sessions with instructor, class and video feedback in a supportive setting.
  • Learning styles, how adults take in information.
  • Working with multi-media and engaging people "hands on".
  • Understand the keys to successful room and session setup and execution.

Similar courses are available at much greater cost, the ROI is great and I highly recommend you take and offered class either through the Hartford area or anywhere APICS offers the program.  Teams and organizations can bring APICS instructors in for "in house classes" which can address specific needs.  The content has nothing to do with APICS programs so can work for any organization or subject. 

For me, I re-evaulated skills I thought I had mastered and took in the feedback and am now using it and the materials from the class for my client and business development communications, as well as use in the SCOR classes I will be instructing. With my own business, any training I take is a cost directly and time out of other productive activities - it's a tremendous value and the doubts I had initially were immediately disproved - its not just about APICS, it was never boring, and I am better for it. 

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