Young Energy & Environment Professionals

APICS Hartford YEEP Blog Post from our President, Dan Levine --
This past week I was able to attend a newly created group relating to energy and the environment. The Young Energy & Environment Professionals group (YEEP) is one of the many programs administered by the CBIA and had it’s launch event on 6/16/16.
The event brought in a cross section of individuals from a variety of backgrounds pertaining to energy and the environment. I met others ranging from attorneys practicing in the area, to engineers and geologists, as well as those specializing in environment, health, and safety at their organizations. I learned a lot about the ongoings of the E&E area, while enjoying delicious food. The group had a great dynamic!
As this was the first event, it reminded me of the importance of being involved and that there are a variety of ways that this can be achieved.  I've been involved with APICS Hartford since 2009 and the APICS organization has been around since the late 1950’s. Over time, the organization has been built and shaped by those involved in the Chapter and in my time on the Board, I have experienced a lot of professional improvement as a result of my involvement.
Skills I've gained have helped me start and grow my career and meet many great individuals -- whether it was within the membership or through the various speakers that we have brought in. Serving on the Board has also educated me in many areas of business apart from the work I do day-to-day.
Like APICS, YEEP is again another example where there is an opportunity for individuals to develop their networks, meet subject matter experts, and get involved to create a strong community. The best part is that people can get in on the ground floor now. 
If your company has staff with either supply chain or energy & environment responsibilities, both organizations offer ways for them to get in on the ground floor and support a group that can also help them develop professionally.
I look forward to seeing if APICS Hartford can work with YEEP to help our member companies move forward on the path of continuous improvement across all facets of your organization.

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