Three Outstanding APICS Hartford Events in May

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APICS Hartford has three 
outstanding opportunities

coming up very quickly!

The first event is our Top Management Night, on May 10th, 2016. An annual event for the Chapter, it serves to celebrate local leaders and their teams on the path to operations excellence, as well as engage companies just starting out on that journey. From the presentation by Joe Brennan, President & CEO of CBIA, to the participation of Deputy Commissioner Bart Kollen of DECD, the engagement of top managers representing some of Connecticut's finest companies, to the attendance of individuals representing a talented workforcewe are confident that this is an event not to be missed!

Next on our calendar is a unique workshop that will enhance your personal and professional life, How to Achieve Personal Sustainability & Improve Leadership Skills, offered on May 11th. This lively and interactive presentation will enable participants to develop a life balancing plan (personal sustainability planning) that ensures career and financial success without compromising health and personal relationships in the process. 


Maryanne Teaching

Finally, there is our 2-day interactive workshop entitled, “Train-the-Trainer” to be held on May 12th & 13th. This event is geared towards strengthening your internal training staff. Internal training is the foundation for a talented workforce which will facilitate future growth in your organization. The student is only as good as the teacher, and having a well-developed training staff is critical. APICS Hartford has secured two Master Level APICS instructors to develop the teaching skills of attendees of the workshop. This will be a hands on, value-added experience where attendees will gain new insight and practical skills.

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Any and all are welcome to partake in the above opportunities which we know will help facilitate your personal and professional continuous improvement. Space is limited, so if you have an interest in taking part, please register now, as the time to do so is coming close.

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