APICS Hartford CPIM Students

Recently Chapter President, Dan Levine, and our Vice President of Education,  Michal Jacunski, paid a visit to our Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) students who were taking the Execution and Control of Operations (ECO) module of our certification preparation classes. It was the beginning of the module, and these students were ready to learn. Having just completed the first three modules, they are well on their way to CPIM certification.

CPIM Students of APICS Hartford

It was great to be able to talk to the students about the APICS Hartford Chapter activities and inform them of the great benefits of being an APICS member, beyond the certification prep courses. We also held a brief Q&A session.

The enthusiasm of the group was fantastic and it's always nice to connect with our students. The hard work and dedication they demonstrate is clearly apparent, as they understand the advantages they will have once they finish courses and pass the certification exams. The value they will provide to their respective organizations is already showing and will only continue to improve as they put into practice the knowledge and skills they are acquiring.

These students are the future of our chapter and organization, let's wish them the best of luck and give them our full support on their journey to CPIM Certification!

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