Unicorr Packaging Group Plant Tour

For our final tour of the month, our membership had the exciting opportunity to see manufacturing processes on the eastern side of Connecticut.  

Unicorr Packaging Group, a division of The Nutmeg Container Corp., opened its doors and gave us an exciting tour introducing our group to the world of packaging, its importance as a component of supply chain management, and how they are applying Lean Principles to their processes and culture.

This month has truly demonstrated the opportunities that manufacturing has provided to the community and people involved in industry in Connecticut. The Unicorr tour continued to reinforce this theme. Stepping into the facility, the commitment and camaraderie of the Unicorr team was immediately apparent, with a wall of framed photos displayed in the welcome area, highlighting the lengthy tenure of many of the employees. It made evident the employees' commitment to the company and the company’s commitment to their employees' future growth.

unicorr packaging recognized employees on the wall

On the tour we were shown a behind the scenes look at the variety of corrugated, foam, and wood packaging solutions that Unicorr offers their customers. Our guides explained the challenges present with each medium, how Unicorr works with their customers to provide total packaging solutions, and how packaging is a critical component in the process for manufacturers -- making a product is one thing, delivering it safely is something different! Unicorr’s test lab offers their customers' engineers the ability to conduct testing, ensuring the packaging will meet the stresses of any environmental conditions on its way to the destination.

unicorr correcgated box machine

After the tour, attendees were given a presentation by Charlie Pious, President of the Putnam division, and Bob Clark who is leading the Company’s lean initiatives.  Bob’s presentation offered many valuable takeaways, including the importance of communication during any lean initiative, integration of top management into the implementation, and the critical factors needed for companies to achieve their goals.

Bob Clark spoke on Lean practices at Unicorr

The evening ended with networking and discussion. The Chapter was again joined by students from Central Connecticut University who were provided the opportunity to network with Charlie Pious as well as other Connecticut companies represented at the event.

Charlie Pious speaks to students at the plant tour of Unicorr in Putnam, CT

As promised, this was a 5 star event and a terrific wrap-up to our October manufacturing month offerings. Collectively, these tours demonstrated an array of positive gains manufacturers can bring to their communities -- networking, commitment, growth, development, and another great story of a family owned and operated business. These are the hallmarks of many Connecticut manufacturers.

Thank you to Charlie and the entire team at Unicorr!


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