Introduction to Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

The Introduction to Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) course will help you determine if your organization is ready for an ERP implementation, examine the benefits of implementing an ERP system, and build a compelling business case in support of an ERP implementation. Introduction to ERP explores the process integration of business-wide functions (demand management, product design, and delivery) required and supported by an ERP implementation.

The course also addresses tactical functions required, such as project management and project planning, provides an overview of implementation alternatives for ERP, and includes a manufacturing case study.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Professionals employed by organizations or government agencies considering or beginning an ERP implementation
  • ERP project managers
  • Consultants employed as ERP integrators
  • Professionals who desire employment in the ERP integration field

Session topics include

  1. Introduction to ERP and the Benefits of Implementation
  2. Developing a Business Case to Justify an ERP Implementation
  3. Business Process Alignment
  4. The Value Chain Process
  5. Technology and International Considerations
  6. Change Management and ERP Implementation
  7. Implementing ERP
  8. Expanding on ERP